It’s been a long and wondrous road for one of moviedom’s biggest stars. Let us take time to reminisce, shall we?

Senior Prom, Toho High Class of ’54

After his film series went on hiatus in ’75, Godzilla moved to television. Though testing well with audiences, Godzilla  ultimately lost the coveted lead role on this popular children’s show to Rodan’s yellow-plumed cousin.

Godzilla took time to write a bestselling cook-book, and later went on a promotional tour. Here he is on the popular television show Good Morning Osaka, demonstrating how to prepare Hedorah Eggs Benedict.

The Life ‘n Times of Godzilla: Having left the big screen behind, Godzilla tried his hand at a weekly sitcom, but alas the bigger the monsters, the bigger the egos. Constant on-set disputes with his co-stars, which often turned violent and physical, quickly derailed production.

With his film and television career behind him, Godzilla decided to settle down with his high school sweetheart, and run for political office.

Despite projections of a grand political career, Godzilla was forced to resign his seat in the senate amid allegations of “indecent impropriety” with members of his staff.


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