When you are one of my most favored shows, you earn a place of honor upon my shelf.

I have Robotech bookends, a statue of Godzilla wrestling King Ghirdoh, Mighty Muggs of Iron Man, Snake Eyes, and the almighty Doctor Victor Von Doom. And that’s just what is currently on display in my base of operations. The point is, if it’s nerdy, and part of my youth, then I have some figure in its honor. Which brings to question—why no Yamato?

I love Space Battleship Yamato. Along with Speed Racer and Marine Boy, STAR BLAZERS was my intro into anime, and I cherish those memories cuz, I luvs me some anime. But surprisingly, aside from a view DVDs, I have very little in way of Yamato merchandise. Now, during the 80s that was natural since American toy shelves were devoid of any trinkets. But in the age of the internet, I no longer have an excuse. My mantle needs a Yamato! But which one? I could have grabbed one I saw at a comic shop years ago for about $30, but I’m glad I didn’t, cuz there are so much more out there. Big ones. Elaborate ones. And that’s how I roll! Let’s see who will make the final cut…


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Coming in around $40, the price if right for the budget conscious. And at 15inches, the size isn’t too bad either. It’s a living, breathing cross-section of the Yamato. Look at all that detail!

Space Battleship Yamato Mechanic File

Hmmm… maybe too much detail. To really enjoy it, I’d have to take it apart all the time, and who has time for that? Eventually a piece or two would elude me, and that would make me sad, and I will not have you mocking my tears!


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Now we’re talking. Right size. Right price at around $250. Right amount of detail. But which one? They’re about even in the amount of gimmicky. Panels open, turrents turn, slots for the lil’ fighters. But the comes with a remote. 

A remote that places SFX and the main theme? I’d press those sum’bitches all day! I’m sold! Because how can it get any better?


Bandai 1/350 Scale Space Battleship Yamato

Nice enough detail. Though I don’t see any stand-out features like the fold out panels and cross-sections like the others had along it’s 766mm frame… Wait. 766mm? Lemme bust out Convertbot and see how long tha… GREAT GOOD GREASY GRAVY! That’s just over 2 1/2 feet! That… that’s obscene. Impressively so, but still…

BEANS AND RICE, IT’S ALIVE!!!!!! Who needs panels when the remote controls the turrets! Twenty years ago, such a thing was unimaginable! Oh what a wondrous time we live in. The only downsize is that not enough of the LFPZ crew would be envious, and I don’t know if I can spend more on Yamato than I did on my favorite Goji statue. My love for Godzilla must always be paramount!

So who will it be? Who knows. Maybe I’ll change my mind, and go after an fully-detailed Enterprise or TARDIS instead. I’m fickle that way.


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