Fantasy Flight Games went and done did it!

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Armada Super Star Destroyer


Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Armada Super Star Destroyer Expansion Set


Adds the biggest, baddest Star Destroyer to your Star Wars Armada line-up




I’ve come this far, so I might as well go all the way...

Fantasy Flight Games does Star Wars right. I love Star Wars Armada. The starter set was a pricey purchase years ago, but after my first session I knew I had made the right choice. And then came the rub—the expansion packs. Was that the plan all along? To get me to have to spend and spend in order to procure the pieces so I could full recreate the moments from the big screen? Well it worked. It… it worked… I’m a weak man! But Fantasy Flight’s models are absolutely superb in their quality. I’m talking about detail. And scale. And %^$& paint.

Star Wars Attack Wing

That’s right, Wizkids… Don’t act like you don’t hear me!

The blockade runner from the opening of Star Wars, the capital ships from Return of the Jedi, squadrons of fighters… I have them all! And equally expensive cases from Feldherr, cuz dammit I protect my investment.

Notably, Fantasy Flight Games has to date stayed away from adopting vehicles Eps I-III, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi for Armada. Is this contractural, or just because they have good common sense?

Don’t want it, don’t need it.

Around the game table, we used to joke and ponder “what if they ever made the biggest ship ever,” alluding to the Super Star Destroyer. Fans had taken it upon themselves to make custom builds and 2-dimensional cutouts, and if you venture to look see images up, you’ll be impressed. But would Fantasy Flight Games themselves have the nerve, the raw gumption, the utter AUDACITY to give us the real deal? After three years, the answer is yes, and by Odin’s beard it looks to be glorious.

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Armada Super Star Destroyer

Big… Bigger… BIGGEST!

How will it fit on the table? How will it turn? How will it play? Who cares—it costs more than the core game itself, and that came with all the components needed to play and three ships. I salute this sort of ostentatiousness. This does raise the question on how I will store it. I reckon I’ll just return it to it’s original packaging after play. Even the finest makers of the finest German-crafted game storage doesn’t have this much foam!

Break the Piggy.

And probably the table too, as it succumbs to the sheer weight.

Despite all I’ve said, never let someone else tell you how to spend your money. Pick up a Star Wars Armada: Super Star Wars Expansion Pack and make your own decision!


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