LEGO pays homage to the pinnacle of the Star Wars franchise in the only way they know how... with bricks!

LEGO Cloud City


Star Wars LEGO Betrayal at Cloud City Playset


Recreates the magic moments from Empire Strikes Back where HAN SOLO BETRAYED HIS FRIEND by bringing trouble to his door!




Yes I do. Or to be more precise...

…I need LEGO Lando Calrissian, because one day I intend to procure the massive 7541 piece Millennium Falcon, and have it piloted by it’s rightful owner! Yeah I said it—Two wrongs don’t make a right COME AT ME!

LEGO Lando Calrissian

“And in a deleted scene, Han drank all of my Colt .45!”

But as much as may want Lando, I don’t want to have to pay the exorbitant aftermarket prices for a stand-alone Lando since the LEGO sets he came packaged with have been discontinued. So if I have no recourse but to pay all that money for the man, I MIGHT AS WELL GET HIS ENTIRE KINGDOM! Behold the majesty…

LEGO Cloud City


LEGO Cloud City


LEGO Cloud City


The landing pads! The hallways! The carbonite freezing chamber! The balcony where Luke got the chop! The dining room where Lando did what he had to do CUZ HE WAS A TRUE HERO, ENSURING THE LIVES OF THE THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF LEGO CITIZENS (sold separately) WHO INHABIT THE FINE CITY!

This set has is all, and if you love The Empire Strikes Back as much as me, which you had better less you catch a beating, then you know every cinematic moment from the third act is worth preserving in plasticine form. But there is one hurdle that fills me with great, and perhaps impassable pause. Where and how I will display it in order to properly exhibit its detail and intricacies? Should I prop it an an angle, and let the the figures put there ability to lock onto pegs to good use? Perhaps on a rotunda, so that every vignette can be spun into focus? Meh… such technical details are best left to an ugnaught.

The Empire Strikes Back


Of course this all could be rendered moot, if my good ol’ buddy ol’ friend ol’ pal Chip would just give me one of his many Landos from one of his many LEGO collections.



Why you lousy sonofa— Y’know, there just might be something to this whole throw a “friend” into a space age deep freezing chamber thing afterall. And if it happens to someone I know, HE’S GONNA STAY ON THE WALL!

Spare the Piggy.

I simply have no idea how I would best display it, and for that price, d@mmit it’s going to be seen!


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