My friends had better bring quarters, cuz if they wanna play they're gonna have to pay!

Capcom Home Arcade


Capcom Home Arcade


Plug-and-play arcade stick loaded with 16 classic Capcom Arcade titles




When it comes to reliving arcade memories, I'm good. I already have MAME…

I have MAME on my laptop. I have MAME on my Nvidia Shield TV. Heck, I even have MAME original Xbox, modded of course. And that’s not to mention a litany of classic collections complied on single disc volumes for my current consoles (always keep the illusion of being above board, kiddies, less “The Man” get suspicious), so as you see when it comes to getting my old school fix, I have many options encased in a myriad of fine, rectangular packagings. Yet none of those come in the shape of the CAPCOM logo, and dammit, something about that just appeals to me!

Capcom Home Arcade

Ohhh Capcom. There once was a golden age when the flash of your logo and sound of your chime meant that I was in for a damn good time! A quarter deposited into the slot was a quarter well-spent on games like…

1944 The Loop Master

A SCHMUP that didn’t overwhelm my senses, while also teaching me history… I think.

Alien vs Predator

THIS is the version that should have been ported to the SNES. That version wasn’t bad, but not nearly as frenetic as this 4-player beat’em up!

Armored Warriors

A beat’em up with the characters from Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness.

Captain Commando

Meh. Not the greatest beat’em up, but far from the worst…

Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness

A fighter with the characters from Armored Warriors.

Capcom Sports Club

More fun that I could have expected!

Darkstalkers The Night Warriors

If you can’t find the inherent joy in a vampire flip-kicking a mummy, then we’re just too different people.

Eco Fighters

Y’know, I don’t think I ever played this…

Final Fight

The epitome of the arcade beat’em up.

Ghouls'n Ghosts

This was hard enough on the SNES, so I can only shudder at the arcade version which would have been purportedly geared at taking your money!


A mint copy of this game for the Dreamcast costs about as much as this console!

Mega Man The Power Battle

If you thought Mega Man was only a PLATFORMER for the HOME, you’d be wrong. In the arcade, the Blue Bomber threw hands!


I know I’ve played it, but I can’t recall a single detail. So either the game failed to leave an impression, or my brain is full.


I’ve only ever known Strider as a home console game, but it’s never too late to make amends…

Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

This was my sophomore year of college right here…

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

I’m curious how this puzzler plays with arcade sticks. I guess I’ll find out on date night!

That’s a murderers’ row of electronic mayhem right there! Dare I say the Capcom Home Arcade might be the first classic console that I’m not fiending to hack. Seeing as it’s powered via Micro-USB just like the NES and SNES Classic, I’m certain modders will employ this as their entry point to adding content to the library, and on that day I will salute their tenacious ingenuity. Though personally I will refrain from including any non-Capcom game on my unit for the same reason I keep my NES and SNES Classics strictly adhered to the games native to their respective systems — Platform purity!


“Hmmm that stinks of digital discrimination to me!”

Ok, maybe I’ll throw in some Ms Pac-Man or Mortal Kombat. I don’t want to be accused of being a 16-bit bigot… NO! It’s Capcom or bust.

Break the Piggy.

...If for nothing else than the sheer audacity of its design!


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