Bringing you witty insights from nerds who’ve payed their dues. And Godzilla. A whooooole lotta Godzilla.

Broadcasting high in orbit above the third planet on the left in the Scorpion Constellation comes LIVE! from Planet Zero.

Why do they have designs on the Earth? For the water? For the women? To make way for a hyperspacial express bypass? Who knows. They didn’t really tell us—they’re old school that way. All we know is that when we were abducted, BUT NOT PROBED (we can’t stress that enough) we were given a choice to either sell out the human race or suffer in the slave pits. And when given that option… let’s just say CHA-CHING!

Now our mission isn’t to help lower any defenses or supplant any world leaders with clones. But to report back on science fiction, fantasy, games, gadgets, and other assorted going-ons.

Old school, new school, no school rule. If there’s a snarky comment to be make, we make it. If there’s conventional wisdom to challenge, we not only challenge it, we put it in the camel clutch, break it’s back, and make it humble.

Some will find us to be funny. Some will find us to be harsh. But rest assured, we only mock that which we adore, otherwise we just wouldn’t be bothered. We’re adults that way.

Standing on the verge of getting it on. Do you want to dance with us? We’re doing the Cosmic Slop. Welcome to the Terrordome.