Let's take a trip back to the 16-bit era of submarine warfare...

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In a world besieged by DLC and intellectual properties devoid of innovation, Lord Sweethaven’s 8-Bit Society brings fourth to you, the good people of Planet Zero, videoscopic treats from days of gaming past. Quod olim vetus novum est iterum. Est aeternum fun!

It was a trip down 16-bit memory lane this weekend, as I caught up with Chip and we broke out MAME. He got the best of me in Donkey Kong, but I was tops in Jungle Hunt and the ultimate victor in In the Hunt!


“Because you cheated! Need I remind you my score was DOUBLE yours at the end, despite the trickery you used to be declared winner?”

REGARDLESS OF HOW IT HAPPENED I luv me some In the Hunt. It’s fun. It’s colorful. It’s action-packed. And most of all, it’s an unforgiving bastard, typical of the 16-bit era, where arcade machines weren’t as concerned with giving you a fair challenge as of simply requiring you to unload quarter after quarter after quarter. In the world of MAME, all we had to do was press the simulated insert coin button. In the real world, we would have easily spent over $75 just to get to the end. And you think games cost a lot today…

In the Hunt


In the Hunt

Designed to sink a submarine, and your coin purse into debt.

In the Hunt

“I don’t care if we are submerged, KILL IT WITH FIRE!”

So much mayhem! Jets and mines and torpedoes and ice beams and bosses. Who did IREM piss off for this game not to warrant the same love bestrewn towards Metal Slug?  They’re equally colorful and overwhelming with cheap shots, but that was the name of the game—getting as much quarters out of arcade patrons as possible. Thank goodness for MAME. I just keep pressing the virtual INSERT COIN button and keep on keeping on.


In the Hunt (Arcade, PS1)
Ready Player One10
Ready Player Two10
Sights and Sounds9
Easy to the Touch9
Play It Again and Again8
The Good
Button mashing at it's finest.
Endless explosions galore!
The Bad
Enemies can at times be cheaply overwhelming.
Harrumph Harrumph…
With it's borderline chibi cuteness, In the Hunt reminds me of Metal Slug, and that's a good thing. There’s only two buttons you need to press, and you’ll pound them sum’bitches until you can pound 'em no more. Sure the enemies might get cheap at times, but that just speaks to In the Hunt's quarter-crunching roots, and you might as well get mad at water for being wet.

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